Phillip Jerome Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is a Professional Poker player from the USA. His rants and tirades like “I can dodge a bullet baby” and “If it weren’t for luck I’d win them all” are well-known, and earned him his nickname the Poker Brat.

He was born in Madison, Wisconsin on July 16, 1964, and had a troubled adolescence. He battled through school, and his friends were tough on him and said he was the “ugly duckling” of his family. After High School, he studied at the University of Wisconsin and finally dropped out after three years to pursue his Poker career.

He has never looked back and is the winner of fifteen World Series of Poker Bracelets.

Poker Career

In 1988, at the WSOP ( World Series of Poker ) Hellmuth came 33rd. He then became the youngest player to win the Main Event of WSOP at the age of 24 by beating the two-time defending champion Johnny Chan in heads-up play.

Thirteen of Hellmuth’s fifteen bracelets have been in Texas Hold ’em, and at the 1993 World Series of Poker Phil became the second player in WSOP history to win three bracelets in one WSOP. One of those bracelets were for winning the main event. Hellmuth’s live tournament winnings exceed $23 million, and as of January 2020, he is ranked 22nd on the All-Time Money List. Hellmuth is also the holder of the record for the most WSOP Tables as well as the most WSOP clashes overtaking TJ Cloutier.


Hellmuth is known for his Brat personality, especially after bad beats and is said to take his seat at Poker Tournaments a while after they have begun. All said and done he adds a whole lot of drama to the Poker game and has achieved incredible wins placing him amongst the best in the world of poker players.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing is a cult film about a savage journey to the heart of the American Dream and is a dark comedy. The movie’s storyline is about two hippies, a peculiar journalist and a psychopathic lawyer that go on a psychedelic journey to Vegas.

Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Torro play the main characters in Fear and Loathing. It details the duo’s journey through Las Vegas as their initial journalistic intentions decentralize into an exploration of the city under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

The Plot

Duke (Johnny Depp) has been assigned by a magazine to travel to Vegas and cover the Mint 400 cycle race. The duo has, however also decided to take advantage of the assignment and purchase a large variety of drugs which sets them on a downward spiral. Chaos and mayhem reign supreme. Their drug-induced states see them destroying hotel rooms, leaving casinos due to hallucinations and finally Dr Gonzo ditching Duke in Vegas and leaving him with an expensive bill for the hotel room.

Duke tracks Dr Gonzo down and finds out he has a suite at the Flamingo Las Vegas so Duke checks into the suite so he can cover the District Attorneys convention on narcotics, somewhat ironic! The pair attend the conference and snort cocaine during the guest speakers speech on marijuana addicts. They eventually leave the conference and continue their binge for an unspecified number of days where they finally part ways and Duke finishes his article.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a narrative of drug-induced delusions of a reporter while on assignment in Las Vegas. Initially, it was supposed to be a journey with a journalistic purpose but instead turns into the exploration of Vegas and Casinos under the umbrella of illegal substances.

Wheel of Fortune

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