Annette Obrestad

This professional Norwegian female gambler made history as the youngest ever WSOPE ( World Series of Poker Europe ) bracelet winner in 2007 and has the nickname the Huntress. Annette was born on the 18 September 1988, and besides playing Poker professionally, she also runs a YouTube Channel called Annette’s Makeup Corner.

She started her Poker playing career at the age of 15 using the online screen name Annette_15 and never made a deposit. Instead, she made her initial bankroll by winning Freeroll Poker Tournaments.

Annette Obrestad’s Poker Career

The “Huntress” started her big winning streak between September 2006 and February 2007 where she won over $500 000 on Pokerstars, $200 000 on UltimateBet and $136 000 at Full Tilt Poker. She was ranked at no 51 by in 2008 and was also the site’s top-ranked player in previous years.

Her luck continued, and in 2008 she won $20 000 and came first in the Stars Sunday Hundred Grand Tournament with a buy-in of only $11 and a field of 20 000 players. Her winning streak continued, but what put her on the map was her win at the World Series of Poker Europe, Main Event. This happened just before her 19th birthday. She won $2.01 million making her the record holder for a single event payout to a female player. The record was previously held by Annie Duke who won $2 million at the 2004 Tournament of Champions.


Obrestad currently holds second place among Norwegian Poker players in the all-time money list in live tournaments. She came close to winning her second major live title in November 2007 and finished 11th alongside Phil Hellmuth at the 2010 WSOP. As of 2020, Obrestad’s total live tournament winnings exceed $3.9 million, and she has no intention of stopping!


Doyle Brunson

 About Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson

Doyle Brunson was born in Longworth Texas on the 10 August 1933. He is a well-known and revered, retired professional US Poker player who was the first player to win $1million in a Poker Tournament. He played professionally for over 50 years and held the title for winning the World Series Poker main event twice. He is also an inductee in the Poker Hall of Fame and the author of several books on Poker.

Doyle Brunson’s Poker Career

All online casino fans, including the casino pokies online crowd are all familiar with Doyle Bruno. Brunson started playing in illegal Poker games with a friend, Dwayne Hamilton. The two of them started travelling around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana playing in bigger games. The illegal games Brunson played in were usually run by criminals and members of organized crime.

After years on the road, Brunson finally settled in Las Vegas and became a regular player at the World Series of Poker and many other Poker events, earning him a total of ten bracelets. Brunson also authored Super/System and Super System 2 regarded as authoritative books on Poker.

The Doyle Brunson Hand

Poker players know there are many colourful names for different Poker Hands. Aces are nicknamed “bullets” and Kings “cowboys “. However, when a 10-2 hand is shown, players around the table are likely to refer to it as the Doyle Brunson Hand.

Doyle Bronson won both of the WSOP titles with this hand, and it is not even a good hand when playing Texas Hold ’em. It has almost zero potential value, even to a poker player of Brunson’s stature yet he went on to win the WSOP. It is said to be the luckiest hand in Poker history.


Doyle Brunson is a a true legend and a man who has pushed the boundaries of chance when playing Poker.