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The MIT Blackjack Team

 The MIT Blackjack Team are a group of ex-students and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, Harvard University and other leading colleges. The founding member is Bill Kaplan.

This diverse Blackjack team were well known for their card counting techniques and more sophisticated strategies to beat casinos at Blackjack globally. They operated successfully form 1979 through to early 2000.

How it Began

In late November of 1979, a professional Blackjack player contacted one of the students in the card-counting group by the name of JP Massar who became known as Mr M. He proposed that they target Atlantic City Casinos where it was illegal to ban card counting.

In 1980 JP Massar heard about Bill Kaplan, a Harvard MBA graduate who had run a successful Blackjack team in Vegas for three years. He then set out to bring him on board. After observing the team, he decided to join. However, he made it clear that it had to operate as a serious business. This meant having a formal counting and betting system, strict training and detailed tracking of all casino play. The new MIT Blackjack team started on the 1 August 1980.

It was a successful team, and investors achieved an annualized return above 250%. Bill Kaplan eventually had to fall back and stop managing the team, as he could no longer show his face in any casino. He then decided to concentrate on his growing Real Estate and Development Company.


The MIT Blackjack team dissolved and players went their separate ways forming different teams. The original team may be gone, but never forgotten. Moreover, there were movies loosely based on their conquests like the 2008 film “21”, and Bill Kaplan actually appears in a cameo in the background of this movie.

Yeah Baby

Patrik Antonius



Patrik Antonius, the Black Lotus or The Finn, as he is nicknamed, was born in Finland on the 13th December 1980. He is a Finnish professional poker player and has a few other achievements to his name. He is also a former tennis player, coach and a model for Vantaa Finland.

Patrik Antonius Discovers Poker

Patrik had never set out to become a professional poker player as he had a promising tennis career that he was pursuing. However, due to a severe back injury, his life led him to the green felt becoming a successful poker player. He stumbled upon Poker at 17, and as soon as he turned 18, he found his way into a local casino with his game of choice being Pot-Limit Omaha.

In 2003 Patrik discovered online Poker, a moment that truly defined his poker career. Moreover, he deposited $200 into his online account and has never looked back. He turned that $200 into $20 000 within a couple of months. His most significant cash came in 2012 when he finished as the runner up to Phil Ivey in the $250 000 Aussie Millions Challenge earning $1.2 million which was his second 7 figure score.

HighStakes DB stated that between 2008-2013 Patrik accumulated winnings over $11 million on Full Tilt and PokerStars playing a FinddaGrind. He won in the region of $6 million between 2007-2016. Furthermore, Antonius holds the record for the most prominent online poker pot win in poker history.


Patrik Antonius has no WSOP bracelets, but it’s because he focuses most of his energy on good cash games globally. Anyone who has seen him in action when playing High Stakes Poker or Poker After Dark knows he has the ability. His opponents know what they are up against when The Finn takes a seat.